Research Projects in Progress in the Manter Laboratory

As projects are completed, they will become "clickable" and results will
be made available as they are either published or otherwise made public.

Database Conversion in the Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology. Research Council Grant Award to Scott Gardner and the HWML. Rbase- DOS database hasd been converted to MS Access and is running on the WWW with a browser searchable interface.
Upgrade of the Collections Facilites of the Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology. National Science Foundation Award No. DEB-9631295 All microscope slides have been repaired.  All specimens have been transferred into new cabinets.  Final Report has been submitted to the NSF.
Parasites of Oxymycterus of Bolivia. New species of Nematodes and Cestodes crurrently being described. Syphacia n.sp.; Nematomystes, Lauroia.
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PARASITES AND VERTEBRATE HOSTS IN ARIZONA, NEW MEXICO, AND TEXAS (1893 - 1984) January 11, 2000. Published PDF file to the Web Server in the Manter Laboratory.
BIBLIOGRAPHY OF PARASITES FROM AFRICAN VERTEBRATES 1800- 1970 January 26, 2003.  Published PDF file to the Web Server in the Manter Laboratory.
Parasites of Onychomys from the Sevilleta Long-Term Ecological Research Site in New Mexico. New species of Hymenolepis (Cestoda: Hymenolepididae) from Onychomys.

Catalog of species of helminth parasites from Onychomys from the Sevellita LTER.
Worm-Web -- Georeferencing The HWML Database NSF Grant Completed and final report submitted - see the database search pages.
The HWML Gregarine Collection and Project. Funded by NSF Grants: DEB 93-18444.