HWML Research

Current Research:

2023 — Using neural networks to identify parasites in the Manter Laboratory parasite collection

From approximately 25,000 flea images in the collection, we are training a neural network and developing a program to enable image identification on demand.

2023 — Parasites of Geomyidae of the Nearctic and northern Neotropical regions

We are writing a grant proposal to survey all the species of pocket gophers of North, South and Central America. This will consist of expeditionary research trips to each of the type localities of all the species of gophers.

2023 — Digitizing the rare literature on parasite systematics in the HWML library.

Faculty and staff are actively scannning archival literature for permanence.

2023 — Genomic analysis of aspidoderid nematodes.

This project involves sequencing of DNA from parasitic nematodes from new world mammals with the goal of understanding their evolutionary relationships of both host and parasite.

Recent Previous Research: