Providing international leadership in research on the systematics, taxonomy,

and biodiversity of parasites "The most common mode of life on earth"

  • Conduct and Support Research in Parasite Systematics and Taxonomy with Current Emphasis on Parasites of Mammals

The current emphasis in the Manter Laboratory is on the helminth parasites of mammals of the Nearctic and Neotropical regions stressing studies of the phylogeny and diversity of parasites of Rodentia, Marsupialia, Xenarthra, and Chiroptera.

  • Foster Studies in Parasite Biodiversity

The Manter Laboratory maintains one of the largest and most active collections of parasites in the world. The laboratory is one of only three national resource centers for parasitology. We support research on parasites in the fields of biodiversity, systematics, and taxonomy. We loan and archive specimens and generate images for researchers to use both on-site and remotely. Our database is fully available for searching over the Internet []

  • Provide State of the Art Laboratory Facilities for Research, Long-term Conservation, Study, Data Capture, and Utilization of Specimens of Parasites

Studies on parasites in the HWML are facilitated by equipment that includes differential interference contrast, phase contrast, and bright field microscopy. Advanced morphometric/morphological studies of parasites are conducted with both color-digital and monochrome and color video cameras image-analysis and imaging software. Scanning Electron Microscopy is also available on the UNL campus.

  • Facilitate Training and Research in Parasite Systematics

Students from Nebraska, the USA, and world-wide are supported by travel, visitation, and research grants to study parasites from the Manter Laboratory. Limited funds are available for visiting scientists from the several Manter Laboratory Endowments. Graduate students are supported by the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and by grants. Undergraduate students are supported with Research Experiences for Undergraduate funding from the National Science Foundation.

  • Collect, Archive, and Distribute Literature on Parasite Systematics and Taxonomy World-Wide

The Manter Laboratory serves as the Archive Site for the American Society of Parasitologists. The Manter Laboratory also archives and houses an increasingly valuable set of taxonomic references that are used in the identification, diagnosis, and description of parasites obtained from global biological diversity surveys.

Scott Lyell Gardner, Ph.D.
Curator of Parasitology
The Harold W. Manter Laboratory of Parasitology
The University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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